Pearl of the South Pacific

Pearl of the South Pacific

Allan Dwan (1955)

U Certificate


Our Score
This piece of tosh is actually enjoyable if you're in the mood for pure cheese, a typical adventure story from the days when magnate Howard Hughes was running RKO studios into the ground. There's a great deal of period charm in the Technicolored tale for fans of both the exotic and of cheesy sets trying to look like authentic locations, but, although Virginia Mayo is just about adequate in the lead, her two male co-stars - Dennis Morgan and David Farrar - are well past their primes. Veteran director Allan Dwan knocked out a series of these melodramas in the 1950s, but this isn't one of the better ones.


Treasure hunters come up against hostile natives and a giant octopus while searching for valuable black pearls on a South Sea island. Action adventure, starring Virginia Mayo and Dennis Morgan.

Cast & Crew

Rita Delaine Virginia Mayo
Dan Merrill Dennis Morgan
Bully Hayes David Farrar
George Lance Fuller
Halemano Murvyn Vye
Michael Basil Ruysdael
Momu Lisa Montell
Mother Carol Thurston
Director Allan Dwan
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: R.K.O. Radio Pictures Ltd