The Cariboo Trail

The Cariboo Trail

Edwin L Marin (1950)

PG Certificate


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This moderately interesting Randolph Scott vehicle was produced by western veteran Nat Holt and written by skilled Frank Gruber. Both Holt and Gruber were perhaps better known for the TV series Tales of Wells Fargo, which starred Dale Robertson who also appears in this western (filmed in Colorado doubling for British Columbia) in a minor supporting role. Victor Jory is Scott's usual snarling foe, but the real interest here lies in the use of primitive two-strip Cinecolor, a process that's a far cry from the Technicolor of Scott's distinguished Warner Bros and Columbia output. As usual, the implacable Randy is eminently watchable, but the plot and direction are resolutely routine.


Conflict arises between cattle ranchers and an influx of settlers threatening their grazing lands. Western drama, starring Randolph Scott, George `Gabby' Hayes, Bill Williams and Karin Booth.

Cast & Crew

Actor Randolph Scott
Actor George `Gabby' Hayes
Actor Bill Williams
Actor Karin Booth
Director Edwin L Marin

Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: 20th Century Fox Film Co. LtdAvailable on: DVD