The General's Daughter

The General's Daughter

Simon West (1999)

18 Certificate


Our Score
This moderately absorbing military whodunnit is let down by the lazy hamming of star John Travolta. He plays an army cop called in to investigate the horrific rape and murder of a woman officer (Leslie Stefanson) who also happens to be the daughter of top military man James Cromwell. However, as Travolta and colleague Madeleine Stowe start digging, they find some nasty skeletons in Stefanson's closet. Travolta aside, the performances are strong, with James Woods effortlessly stealing the show as one of the prime suspects. Con Air director Simon West demonstrates that there's more to him than just spectacular set pieces, yet the wayward script's derivative twists and turns weaken what should have been a hard-hitting drama.


A military detective is called in to investigate the murder and rape of the daughter of a top-ranking general. However, as he sets about solving the case, he unravels a web of personal betrayal and apparent cover-ups - and suspects the army has a vested interest in suppressing the truth. Mystery thriller, starring John Travolta, Madeleine Stowe, James Cromwell and Timothy Hutton.

Cast & Crew

Paul Brenner John Travolta
Sarah Sunhill Madeleine Stowe
Gen Campbell James Cromwell
Col Kent Timothy Hutton
Col Moore James Woods
Elisabeth Campbell Leslie Stefanson
Chief Yardley Daniel von Bargen
Col Fowler Clarence Williams III
Belling Peter Weireter
Dalbert Elkins Mark Boone Jnr
Director Simon West
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: U.I.P. (UK)Guidance: Violence, swearing, nudityAvailable on: video and DVD