The Cimarron Kid

The Cimarron Kid

Budd Boetticher (1951)

U Certificate


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The Dalton gang rides again in this serviceable western that, unusually, has Audie Murphy in the role of outlaw. Released on parole, he hides out with Noah Beery Jr and his gang after being falsely accused of a train heist. But, while the prospect of a new life with Beverly Tyler is enticing, Murphy is determined to take on one last job before he hangs up his guns. Better known for his psychological westerns, Budd Boetticher handles this programme filler with intelligent efficiency, drawing a thoughtful performance from Murphy, with whom he would reunite for the star's swansong, A Time for Dying (1971).


A gunslinging outlaw falls head over heels in love with a woman who persuades him to mend his ways and go straight - but only after one last heist. Western adventure, starring Audie Murphy, Beverly Tyler, James Best and Yvette Dugay.

Cast & Crew

Bill Doolin Audie Murphy
Carrie Roberts Beverly Tyler
Bitter Creek James Best
Rose of Cimarron Yvette Dugay
Dynamite Dick John Hudson
Marshall John Sutton Leif Erickson
Bob Dalton Noah Beery Jnr
George Weber John Hubbard
Director Budd Boetticher
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour