Alfred Hitchcock (1958)

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In one of the truly great later Hitchcocks, James Stewart plays a retired cop with a terror of heights who's hired by Tom Helmore to follow his suicidal wife, Kim Novak. Stewart falls in love with the enigmatic blonde, but can't prevent tragedy from occurring. Some months later he spots a woman (also played by Novak) who bears an uncanny resemblance to the dead woman, and is drawn into a web of deceit and obsession. Novak gives her greatest performance in a demanding dual role, while Stewart shatters his all-American Mr Nice Guy persona with a disturbingly dark and complex characterisation. A hallucinatory movie - the glistening San Francisco locations give both place and events a dreamlike quality - this remains one of the most painful depictions of romantic fatalism in all of cinema.


A private eye with an aversion to heights is hired to trail the wife of an old college friend because of her strange and inconsistent behaviour. However, he soon falls obsessively in love with her, and is drawn into a complex and destructive mystery. Alfred Hitchcock's thriller, starring Kim Novak in a dual role alongside James Stewart, Barbara Bel Geddes and Tom Helmore.

Cast & Crew

John `Scottie' Ferguson James Stewart
Madeleine/Judy Kim Novak
Midge Barbara Bel Geddes
Gavin Elster Tom Helmore
Coroner Henry Jones
Doctor Raymond Bailey
Manageress Ellen Corby
Pop Leibel Konstantin Shayne
Director Alfred Hitchcock
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