The Crater Lake Monster

The Crater Lake Monster

William R Stromberg (1977)

PG Certificate


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Though the title suggests a story about a rampaging beast, the movie is actually more concerned with two cretins who live around the lake, getting into endless inane bouts of comic chatter and slapstick situations. Occasionally we get a few seconds of stop-motion dinosaur mayhem (by David Allen), but it's not up to Ray Harryhausen standard - shots of the monster are often a phoney-looking close-up of a rubber head. This account of a meteorite thawing a frozen dinosaur egg at the bottom of a lake is so slow and shoddy, it makes some of the worst 1950s monster movies look like masterpieces.


A small Oregon community comes under threat when a meteor plunges into a local lake - incubating a giant egg that contains a creature with an insatiable appetite for human flesh. Horror, starring Mark Siegel, Bob Hyman and Glen Roberts.

Cast & Crew

Mitch Kowalski Mark Siegel
Richard Calkins Bob Hyman
Arnie Chabot Glen Roberts
Sheriff Steve Hanson Richard Cardella
Susan Patterson Kacey Cobb
Dan Turner Richard Garrison
Ross Conway Michael F Hoover
Paula Conway Suzanne Lewis
Sen Jack Fuller Marv Eliot
Director William R Stromberg
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour