D'Ye Ken John Peel?

D'Ye Ken John Peel?

Henry Edwards (1934)

PG Certificate


Our Score
Released in the States as Captain Moonlight, this is a crusty old melodrama in the Tod Slaughter tradition. Chewing the scenery with a delicious lack of restraint, Leslie Perrins plays the dastardly rogue whose idea of payment for an outstanding debt is to marry the debtor's daughter. But fear not for Winifred Shotter: riding to the rescue is Waterloo veteran John Garrick, who knows a thing or two about delivering damsels from distress. This is anything but a lost classic, but there is the chance to see Stanley Holloway as Sam Small, the character he adopted for so many of his famous monologues.


A soldier returns from Waterloo to find the woman he loves is being forced into marriage to clear her father's debts. Romantic period drama, with John Garrick and Winifred Shotter.

Cast & Crew

Maj John Peel John Garrick
Lucy Merrall Winifred Shotter
Sam Small Stanley Holloway
Director Henry Edwards

Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Assoc Prod & Dist Co