Carry On Spying

Carry On Spying

Gerald Thomas (1964)

U Certificate
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Mercilessly ribbing the James Bond movies and Graham Greene's espionage entertainments, the ninth Carry On saw Barbara Windsor make her series debut as the most resourceful of a hamstrung quartet of agents sent to Vienna to recover a secret formula. The kasbah scenes rather slow things down, but the action picks up pace on the Orient Express and in STENCH's underground HQ (a wonderfully observed 007 send-up). Bernard Cribbins, Charles Hawtrey and Kenneth Williams are on form as Babs's weak-kneed accomplices and there are splendid turns from Jim Dale as a master of disguise and Eric Barker as a world-weary spymaster.


A secret formula is stolen by a sinister organisation masterminded by the evil Dr Crow. The British government plans to assign its top agents to deal with the crisis, but owing to staff shortages, has to settle for a bungling spy and his three hapless trainees. Comedy, starring Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey, Barbara Windsor, Bernard Cribbins, Jim Dale, Eric Barker and Victor Maddern.

Cast & Crew

Desmond Simpkins Kenneth Williams
James Bind Charles Hawtrey
Daphne Honeybutt Barbara Windsor
Carstairs Jim Dale
The Chief Eric Barker
Milchmann Victor Maddern
Harold Crump Bernard Cribbins
Doctor Crow Judith Furse
Director Gerald Thomas
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Anglo AmalgamatedAvailable on: video and DVD