John Badham (1987)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Richard Dreyfuss has remained one of America's most watchable actors and he helps elevate this thriller above the norm. However, for all its determined attempts to up the comedy content of the Lethal Weapon pictures without cutting down on their violence, it manages to be both too abrasive for family viewing and too soft for the six-pack brigade. Emilio Estevez struggles with the verbal ping-pong, but Dreyfuss's scenes with Madeleine Stowe more than atone.


A detective leads the hunt for an escaped murderer. However, the case takes a complicated turn when he falls in love with the killer's former girlfriend while maintaining a surveillance operation on her - much to the disapproval of his jittery partner. Comedy thriller, starring Richard Dreyfuss, Emilio Estevez, Aidan Quinn, Dan Lauria and Madeleine Stowe.

Cast & Crew

Chris Lecce Richard Dreyfuss
Bill Reimers Emilio Estevez
Maria McGuire Madeleine Stowe
Richard `Stick' Montgomery Aidan Quinn
Jack Pismo Forest Whitaker
Phil Coldshank Dan Lauria
Caylor Reese Ian Tracey
Capt Giles Earl Billings
FBI Agent Lusk Jackson Davies
Director John Badham
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Columbia-Cannon-WarnerGuidance: Violence, swearing, sex scenes, nudity. Available on: video and DVD
Drama Comedy