Jaume Collet-Serra (2014)

12 Certificate


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This solid but workmanlike thriller stars Liam Neeson as a veteran air marshal on a flight from New York to London who receives a text telling him a passenger will die every 20 minutes unless $150 million is transferred to a secret account. Tasked with finding the killer among his 200 fellow passengers, and aided by frequent flyer Julianne Moore and plucky flight attendant Michelle Dockery (Downton Abbey), Neeson plays a cat-and-mouse game above the Atlantic while trying to keep the body count to a minimum. The premise is intriguing, and director Jaume Collet-Serra (Unknown) delivers intermittent claustrophobic thrills, although he struggles to sustain momentum. It's not Neeson's most convincing action-hero performance, and he's not helped by a script that lays on the hammy dialogue a little too thick and stretches credulity to breaking point.


An air marshal on a transatlantic flight receives mysterious messages in which an anonymous terrorist threatens to kill one passenger every 20 minutes unless a ransom is paid. He searches the plane for the criminals responsible, but his investigation is threatened when he is framed as being the mastermind behind the plot. Action thriller, starring Liam Neeson, Julianne Moore and Lupita Nyong'o.

Cast & Crew

Bill Marks Liam Neeson
Jen Summers Julianne Moore
Gwen Lupita Nyong'o
Nancy Michelle Dockery
Tom Bowen Scoot McNairy
Zack White Nate Parker
Austin Reilly Corey Stoll
David McMillan Linus Roache
Director Jaume Collet-Serra
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Other Information

Language: English / GermanColourTheatrical distributor: Studio CanalGuidance: Violence, swearing.Available on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 28 Feb 2014