Melville Shavelson (1958)

U Certificate


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This delightfully played, relatively unsophisticated comedy is based on a slim but oh-so-romantic premise, as lovely Sophia Loren takes charge of lawyer Cary Grant's three children and, eventually of course, Grant himself. It's the kind of movie where Loren's knees become a plot pivot, and there's the bonus of her singing and dancing, too. Look out for a fabulous supporting performance from Harry Guardino as a handyman in wolf's clothing. Needless to say, Grant sails through the movie with accomplished ease. This easy-on-the-eye glamfest is beautifully photographed by Ray June (who did a similarly fabulous job of Funny Face).


An Italian socialite rebels against her domineering father and gets a job as a maid for a widowed father. While helping her employer learn to understand his three precocious children, she also falls in love with him and must decide whether or not to reveal her secret. Romantic comedy, starring Cary Grant and Sophia Loren.

Cast & Crew

Tom Winters Cary Grant
Cinzia Zaccardi Sophia Loren
Carolyn Gibson Martha Hyer
Angelo Donatello Harry Guardino
Arturo Zaccardi Eduardo Ciannelli
Capt Alan Wilson Murray Hamilton
Elizabeth Winters Mimi Gibson
David Winters Paul Petersen
Robert Winters Charles Herbert
Director Melville Shavelson
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Paramount Film Service LtdAvailable on: video and DVD