Cottage to Let

Cottage to Let

Anthony Asquith (1941)

U Certificate


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The American release title Bombsight Stolen is a clue to what Alfred Hitchcock would call the MacGuffin (or plot device) that drives this lively wartime propaganda piece from director Anthony Asquith. The story of a Nazi kidnap plot in the wilds of Scotland is pretty much par for the course, but what sets this picture apart is the truly extraordinary cast. Michael Wilding and John Mills have to settle for supporting roles behind Leslie Banks and the incomparable Alastair Sim. But stealing everyone's thunder is debutant George Cole (a protégé of Sim's) as the cockney evacuee who becomes a hero.


A British inventor's revolutionary bombsight is set to have a positive impact on the war effort. However, military intelligence detects the Nazis are aware of the invention, while a plucky teenage cockney evacuated to the boffin's Scottish country estate sets out to expose a German spy ring. Second World War thriller, with Leslie Banks, John Mills, Alastair Sim and George Cole in his screen debut.

Cast & Crew

Charles Dimble Alastair Sim
Lt George Perrey John Mills
John Barrington Leslie Banks
Ronald Mittsby George Cole
Mrs Barrington Jeanne de Casalis
Helen Barrington Carla Lehmann
Alan Trentley Michael Wilding
John Forrest Frank Cellier
Director Anthony Asquith
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: General Film Dist LtdAvailable on: video and DVD