Curse of the Talisman

Curse of the Talisman

Colin Budds (2000)

12 Certificate


Our Score
Probably only of sleepy down interest to Aussie soap devotees who might want to see a few old faces mangling American accents, this features Neighbours regular Jesse Spencer as a student who unwittingly unleashes a murderous golem in his home town. Home And Away mainstay Tempany Deckert pops up in a supporting role, as do 70s TV icons Robert Coleby and Gus Mercurio. Filmed in an Australia uneasily masquerading as the US, Curse of the Talisman contains horror scenes that would barely raise a whimper at a kindergarten, while the creature effects are laughably inept.


A community is terrorised by deadly stone gargoyles, which have been brought to life by a supernatural talisman. Horror, starring Jesse Spencer, Tempany Deckert, Max Garner Gore and Sara Gleeson.

Cast & Crew

Jeremy Campbell Jesse Spencer
Fiona Sara Gleeson
Darryl Max Garner Gore
Miranda Tempany Deckert
Director Colin Budds

Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video