A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion

A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion

Harry Harris (1993)

PG Certificate


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The original Waltons cast members are back for this heart-warming TV film, the first in a round of reunion movies based on the Emmy Award-winning series that ran from 1972-81. In 1963, the close-knit Virginia family gathers together to celebrate Thanksgiving at the old homestead. Their own personal problems are soon put on hold as the clan reacts to the assassination of President Kennedy, whose death changes the lives of many in the family. If you're not a fan of the popular series then there is no reason to sit through this one, but if you are, then there is fun to be had in seeing the familiar faces all grown up. Richard Thomas effectively reprises his role as John-Boy as do Ralph Waite and Michael Learned as Ma and Pa Walton. Although at times mawkish and obvious, it's all quite harmless, as holiday fare should be.


The family battles a host of personal and romantic problems at a gathering in celebration of Thanksgiving, but also takes advantage of the holiday as an ideal chance to draw strength from one another. Drama based on the TV series, starring Richard Thomas, Ralph Waite, Michael Learned and Ellen Corby.

Cast & Crew

John-Boy Walton Richard Thomas
John Walton Ralph Waite
Olivia Walton Michael Learned
Grandma Walton Ellen Corby
Jason Jon Walmsley
Mary Ellen Judy Norton-Taylor
Ben Eric Scott
Jim-Bob Walton David W Harper
Rose Peggy Rea
Director Harry Harris
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Language: EnglishColour