A Walton Wedding

A Walton Wedding

Robert Ellis Miller (1995)

PG Certificate


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The second in a round of reunion movies starring the original cast of the popular series. In the mid-1960s, the Walton clan from Virginia gathers once more at the old homestead when John-Boy (Richard Thomas) decides to marry his ritzy, New York fashion editor girlfriend (Kate McNeil). Plans go awry when her busybody aunt tries to arrange a posh do that the newlyweds don't want. While all this is going on Ma (Michael Learned) is returning to college and Pa (Ralph Waite) is embroiled in local politics. There is a lot going on here but under Robert Ellis Miller's capable direction the story never falters. The acting credits are professional and, although it rarely rises above the routine, fans of the Walton brood should find much to celebrate in this one.


Eldest son John-Boy, now a journalist living in 1960s New York, invites the family to attend his wedding, but finds them taking over the planning. In need of solitude, he returns home to research an article on his grandmother's life. Family drama based on the TV series, starring Richard Thomas, Ralph Waite, Michael Learned and Kate McNeil.

Cast & Crew

John-Boy Walton Richard Thomas
John Walton Ralph Waite
Olivia Walton Michael Learned
Janet Gilchrist Kate McNeil
Jason Walton Jon Walmsley
Mary-Ellen Judy Norton-Taylor
Erin Mary Beth McDonough
Ben Walton Eric Scott
Director Robert Ellis Miller
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Language: EnglishColour