Trail Street

Trail Street

Ray Enright (1947)

U Certificate
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Our Score
This bustling western has a nicely belated entry by star Randolph Scott as legendary lawman "Bat" Masterson, summoned to a Kansas town to stop the cattlemen from trampling wheat farmers underfoot. Though good to look at and briskly directed by Ray Enright, it's over-stuffed with familiar ingredients, including the saloon singer played by Anne Jeffreys and the contrasting nice girl played by Madge Meredith, but the subplot about the discovery of a heat-resistant strain of wheat is based on fact. The tiresome anecdotes of the aptly nicknamed George "Gabby" Hayes are its worst feature, while Robert Ryan takes second billing to Scott, and overworks the thankless role of an honest land dealer.


A town populated by arable farmers comes under constant attack by outlaws, who are secretly in the pay of conniving cattle ranchers. One of the townsfolk summons his friend, a famous US marshal, who takes on the role of sheriff to protect the locals and help them with their plans to grow a new strain of wheat. Western, with Randolph Scott and Robert Ryan.

Cast & Crew

Bat Masterson Randolph Scott
Allen Harper Robert Ryan
Carmody Billy House
Ruby Stone Anne Jeffreys
Billy Gabby Hayes
Susan Pritchett Madge Meredith
Logan Maury Steve Brodie
Hannah Virginia Sale
Director Ray Enright
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: R.K.O. Radio Pictures Ltd