The Medallion

The Medallion

Gordon Chan (2003)

PG Certificate
Wed 29 May 5:15pm - 6:10pm Sony Movie Channel
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Our Score
Given that plot is never a key element of Jackie Chan's oeuvre, it's no surprise that only two elements really matter: the chemistry between the two inevitable buddies/partners and the quality of the action. Sadly, both are well below par in this Dublin-set farrago. Chan stars as cop Eddie Yang, whose search for evil crime lord Snakehead (Julian Sands) leads to the discovery of an ancient medallion and a kidnapped boy, who does little but sit unnaturally still and look inscrutable. Inexplicably semi-dubbed and looking like it was edited on a bacon slicer, this barely releasable mess couldn't possibly get any worse until Lee Evans deftly applies the tin lid with an excruciatingly irritating performance. Even Chan's undoubted screen charm can't rescue this inept mess.


An evil crime lord tries to capture a boy who has supernatural powers, but a team of international police officers is on his trail. One of the cops is killed saving the child, who resurrects him using a magical medallion. The revived detective now has superhuman abilities, which he uses to protect the youngster. Comedy adventure, with Jackie Chan, Lee Evans, Julian Sands, Claire Forlani and John Rhys-Davies.

Cast & Crew

Eddie Yang Jackie Chan
Arthur Watson Lee Evans
Snakehead Julian Sands
Nicole James Claire Forlani
Cdr Hammerstock-Smythe John Rhys-Davies
Lester Wong Anthony Wong
Charlotte Watson Christy Chung
Giscard Johann Myers
Director Gordon Chan
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Columbia TriStarGuidance: Some swearing, edited for violence. Available on: video and DVDReleased on: 14 Nov 2003
Comedy Drama