Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly

Roger Corman (1958)

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One of the first films to gain cult director Roger Corman international recognition and critical acclaim, this is a vivid and fast-moving biopic about the infamous 1930s bank robber. Charles Bronson (in his first starring role) brings an edgy intensity to Kelly, the audacious gangster who - in what may be considered the greatest anticlimax in crime history - finally surrendered to the FBI rather than be killed in a shoot-out. Rapid-fire dialogue and effective characterisations all down the line make this Corman quickie a real winner.


Roger Corman's fact-based crime drama about the notorious bank robber, whose reign of terror through the prohibition era came to an end with an ill-fated kidnapping plot. Starring Charles Bronson, Susan Cabot and Morey Amsterdam.

Cast & Crew

Machine Gun Kelly Charles Bronson
Flo Susan Cabot
Fandango Morey Amsterdam
Howard Jack Lambert
Maize Wally Campo
Lynn Barboura Morris
Apple Richard Devon
Freddy Ted Thorpe
Director Roger Corman
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Anglo AmalgamatedAvailable on: DVD