Maytime in Mayfair

Maytime in Mayfair

Herbert Wilcox (1949)

U Certificate


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This is virtually a remake of the previous year's Anna Neagle/Michael Wilding smash hit Spring in Park Lane. Director (and Mr Neagle) Herbert Wilcox, who also co-produced with his wife, knew when he was on to a good thing, and this time added Technicolor. The plot might remind Neagle fans of an even earlier movie, Irene, with its dress-shop rivalry, once so fashionable and today so dated. Neagle looks rather too old and staid to partner the charming Wilding, but a hard-working supporting cast, including Tom Walls, Nicholas Phipps (who also wrote this soufflé), Peter Graves (the British one!) and Thora Hird, keeps the fun bubbling. In their day, movies such as these offered a sort of genteel postwar chirpiness and were welcomed by a grateful British public.


A designer in a high-class fashion house falls for a reformed playboy, but their romance is threatened when she suspects him of leaking her patterns to a scheming competitor. Musical, starring Anna Neagle, Michael Wilding, Peter Graves and Tom Walls.

Cast & Crew

Eileen Grahame Anna Neagle
Michael Gore-Brown Michael Wilding
D'Arcy Davenport Peter Graves
Inspector Tom Walls
Sir Henry Hazelrigg Nicholas Phipps
Janet Thora Hird
Shepherd Michael Shepley
Mr Keats Max Kirby
Director Herbert Wilcox
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: British Lion Film Corp Ltd