Lethal Weapon 2

Lethal Weapon 2

Richard Donner (1989)

18 Certificate
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Our Score
This action thriller sequel is the weakest of the cop sagas, let down by its tiresomely inconsistent script about South African drug runners and their crooked accountant. Director Richard Donner accents humour rather than explosive action and the result is an oddly toned, cartoon-like adventure with the comedy elements making the nasty violence seem even more gratuitous. That said, Mel Gibson and Danny Glover's accomplished rapport continues to delight, and Joe Pesci is very entertaining as the motormouthed accountant.


Headstrong cop Martin Riggs and his cautious partner Roger Murtaugh stumble across a plot by a South African diplomat to launder drugs money by shipping gold coins into the US via his embassy. Protected by diplomatic immunity, the crook looks certain to evade the law - while his chief henchman has a connection to Riggs' traumatic past. Action thriller sequel, with Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, Joe Pesci, Joss Ackland, Derrick O'Connor and Patsy Kensit.

Cast & Crew

Martin Riggs Mel Gibson
Roger Murtaugh Danny Glover
Leo Getz Joe Pesci
Arjen Rudd Joss Ackland
Pieter Vorstedt Derrick O'Connor
Rika van den Haas Patsy Kensit
Trish Murtaugh Darlene Love
Rianne Murtaugh Traci Wolfe
Director Richard Donner
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Warner BrothersGuidance: Violence, swearing, sex scenes, nudity. Available on: video, DVD and Blu-ray