The Birthday Present

The Birthday Present

Pat Jackson (1957)

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Pat Jackson was hailed by many critics in the mid-1940s as one of the possible saviours of the floundering British film industry. However, by the time he came to make this doleful, overlong slice of surburban life, he had lost faith in the documentary style of film-making with which he had made his name and accepted the grim realities of the bargain basement. Tony Britton shows why he never made it as even a minor movie star, playing a toy salesman whose world falls apart when he is arrested for smuggling a wrist watch. Sylvia Syms, as the long-suffering wife who can take no more, deserves better than this.


A salesman is sent to prison for illegally bringing an expensive watch back from Germany, and tries to keep it a secret from his bosses. Drama, with Tony Britton and Sylvia Syms.

Cast & Crew

Simon Scott Tony Britton
Jean Scott Sylvia Syms
Bill Thompson Jack Watling
Director Pat Jackson

Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: British Lion Film Corp LtdAvailable on: DVD