Buster Keaton (1920)

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Set amid run-down city tenements, this seemingly routine tale of thwarted lovers provides the impetus for some of Buster Keaton's most inspired sight gags. The sequence in which he uses a washing-line to escape from Virginia Fox's third-storey apartment is a masterclass in gymnastic slapstick, which culminates in him careering back into his beloved's room and straight into the arms of her seething pop, Joe Roberts. The clothes-line shenanigans with his own father, Joe Keaton, were a glorious throwback to their vaudeville days. But topping everything is the pyramidic finale, involving the eloping couple and the acrobatic troupe, the Flying Escalantes.


A couple fall in love after years living next door to each other. However, all hell breaks loose when their feuding families find out about their romance. Slapstick comedy, starring Buster Keaton, Virginia Fox and Joe Roberts.

Cast & Crew

Actor Buster Keaton
Actor Virginia Fox
Actor Joe Roberts
Director Buster Keaton
Director Edward F Cline

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Black and whiteAvailable on: video