White Cradle Inn

White Cradle Inn

Harold French (1947)

A Certificate


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European cinema had a proud tradition of mountain films, but British directors rarely ventured on to the peaks. Nevertheless, director Harold French shot almost half of this touching, if sometimes mawkish melodrama on location in Switzerland and Derick Williams's photography greatly enhances the climactic Alpine rescue. Centring on the bond that develops between Swiss innkeeper Madeleine Carroll and French wartime refugee Michael McKeag, the story has suspiciously much in common with Leopold Lindtberg's Oscar-winning saga, Marie-Louise (1944). However, French cannily exploits the friction between the orphan and Carroll's womanising husband, Michael Rennie, who believes him to be a coward and only agrees to sign some adoption papers if Carroll parts with a property (designed by the excellent Carmen Dillon) that has been in her family for generations. Despite Ian Hunter offering Carroll gallant support as the local doctor, the performances are slightly strained, with McKeag being a weak link. But the dénouement is authentic and tense.


A couple who took in a boy displaced by war face a dilemma over whether to adopt him or return him to a country where he has no family. Drama, with Madeleine Carroll and Ian Hunter.

Cast & Crew

Magda Madeleine Carroll
Anton Ian Hunter (1)
Rudolph Michael Rennie
Louise Anne-Marie Blanc
Roger Michael McKeag
Director Harold French
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: British Lion Film Corp LtdAvailable on: DVD