Not Now, Comrade

Not Now, Comrade

Ray Cooney (1976)

12 Certificate


Our Score
It's hard to envisage anyone wanting to film any British stage farce. Yet what is so unforgivable about this woeful farrago is that it has been done in such a visually uninteresting way that it comes over as little more than illustrated radio. The fault lies squarely with Ray Cooney, who not only wrote and co-directed, but also co-stars in this horrid comedy of errors about a defecting Russian ballet dancer hiding in the country house of a top secret service bod. For the sake of a hard-working cast, let's draw a discreet Iron Curtain over the whole charade.


A Russian ballet dancer decides to defect to the West, and hides from the authorities in the house of a London stripper. Cold war comedy, starring Leslie Phillips and Roy Kinnear.

Cast & Crew

Cdr Rimmington Leslie Phillips
Hoskins Roy Kinnear
Constable Pulford Windsor Davies
Director Ray Cooney
Director Harold Snoad

Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: EMI DistsAvailable on: DVD