Light Up the Sky

Light Up the Sky

Lewis Gilbert (1960)

PG Certificate


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A brief plot outline should be enough to dissuade anyone from watching this hackneyed theatrical hand-me-down (not that it convinced the cast!). Victor Maddern heads a plane-spotting detail during the Second World War. His crew comprises Sydney Tafler, who is mourning his son, Harry Locke, who's short of housekeeping, lovesick Johnny Briggs, and Tommy Steele, who, in addition to going AWOL to do music-hall turns with Benny Hill, has made his mistress pregnant. If that isn't enough, Maddern also has to deal with dippy NCO Ian Carmichael. It's firmly in the tradition of similar plays-turned-films - Journey's End and Crest of the Wave - with little to relieve the incessant chat.


The bumbling, mismatched members of a Second World War British Army Searchlight Squad pull together to safeguard their country. Two of the soldiers try to launch a showbiz career, putting on regular performances at a local variety theatre while off duty. Comedy drama, starring Ian Carmichael, Tommy Steele and Benny Hill.

Cast & Crew

Lt Ogleby Ian Carmichael
Eric McGaffey Tommy Steele
Syd McGaffey Benny Hill
Ted Green Sydney Tafler
Lance Bombardier Tomlinson Victor Maddern
Roland Kenyon Harry Locke
Leslie Smith Johnny Briggs
Spinner Rice Cyril Smith
Director Lewis Gilbert
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Criterion Films LtdGuidance: Edited for language. Available on: video and DVD
Drama Comedy