Carnage Park

Carnage Park

Mickey Keating (2016)

18 Certificate


Our Score
There's not a single original idea in this empty and tension-free nod to 1970s exploitation cinema. Part bungled-heist flick, part cat-and-mouse thriller, the 1978-set horror tale focuses on contrived styling rather than plotting, as California bank-robbery hostage Ashley Bell (The Last Exorcism) finds her terrifying ordeal escalating rapidly when she ends up in the remote desert killing grounds of a psychopathic ex-military sniper (Pat Healy). Writer/director Mickey Keating seems to have just gone through a check list of genre tropes and clichés: tediously plundering the superior likes of Sam Peckinpah, Tobe Hooper's The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and especially Quentin Tarantino (a genius movie magpie himself), without adding anything of his own to the unimaginative and increasingly unsatisfying patchwork. Unconvincing events and characters - particularly Bell - only emphasise the project's flimsiness, leaving you desperate for meat that even the splashes of violence fail to provide.


Two criminals take a woman hostage and flee into the backwoods following a disastrous bank robbery. What should have been a safe haven proves a far greater threat than the cops on their trail when they stray into the territory of a former military sniper driven by his experiences of war and who does not take kindly to strangers on his land. Horror, starring Ashley Bell and Pat Healy.

Cast & Crew

Vivian Ashley Bell
Wyatt Moss Pat Healy
"Scorpion" Joe Clay James Landry Hébert
Lenny Michael Villar
Sheriff Moss Alan Ruck
Director Mickey Keating
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour