Dare to Be Wild

Dare to Be Wild

Vivienne De Courcy (2015)

PG Certificate


Our Score
Falling somewhere between Richard Laxton's Grow Your Own (2007) and Alan Rickman's A Little Chaos (2014), Vivienne De Courcy's debut feature is eminently watchable, if a little too twee to drive its eco message home. It is the story of Mary Reynolds (Emma Greenwell), the 27-year-old Irishwoman who became the youngest winner of the Gold Medal at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2002, even after her ideas were stolen. Christine Marzano is suitably hissable as the unscrupulous adversary, while Alex Macqueen is splendidly snooty as another of Mary's functionaries. Yet, while De Courcy conveys her determination to rebel against the manicured designs that have taken horticulture away from its wild roots, she devotes too much time to the blossoming romance between Mary and botanist Christy Collard (Tom Hughes bristling with muscular philanthropy). There is evocative use of the scenery in Cork and Africa, doing justice to the colourful flora, but in the end, this lacks its heroine's free spirit.


Premiere. A young and innovative Irish garden designer provokes controversy at the Chelsea Flower Show with her unusual approach, rejecting the traditional style of the event in favour of a Celtic-themed garden embracing the wildness of nature. Fact-based drama, starring Emma Greenwell, Tom Hughes and Alex Macqueen.

Cast & Crew

Mary Reynolds Emma Greenwell
Christy Collard Tom Hughes
Charlotte "Shah" Heavey Christine Marzano
Marigold Janie Dee
Nigel Hogg Alex MacQueen
Eve Lorna Quinn
Imad Alaa Safi
Peter Michael Hough
Director Vivienne De Courcy
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Miracle CommsReleased on: 23 Sep 2016