Orders to Kill

Orders to Kill

Anthony Asquith (1958)

12 Certificate


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A forgotten gem of the British cinema, this wartime drama sends a French-speaking American bomber pilot, Paul Massie, to Paris to liquidate a double agent. However, when Massie meets his target and finds him to be friendly and mild-mannered, he questions the man's guilt. But orders are orders and after the deed is done, Massie steals the victim's money and blows it all on booze. After that comes a succession of major ironies and a complex moral argument. Tightly directed by prime minister's son Anthony Asquith and co-written by Paul Dehn (who later sharpened up the Goldfinger script), it perhaps needs a stronger leading man but was a welcome change from the usual British war movie in which Richard Todd or John Mills carry on regardless. Lillian Gish has a guest spot as Massie's mother.


An American spy is sent to occupied France to assassinate a traitor in the resistance, but suffers a crisis of conscience. Second World War drama, with Eddie Albert and Paul Massie.

Cast & Crew

Maj MacMahon Eddie Albert
Gene Summers Paul Massie
Mrs Summers Lillian Gish
Director Anthony Asquith

Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Lynx FilmsAvailable on: DVD