Millions like Us

Millions like Us

Frank Launder (1943)

U Certificate
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Frank Launder and Sidney Gilliat are better known for their comedies, but here they have produced one of the finest home-front dramas of the Second World War. Adopting the docudramatic approach common to many a British flag-waver, the co-directors present a nation pulling together in spite of class differences. The sequences in the factory and at the workers' dormitory are particularly fascinating for the way in which they depict the emergence of both a new kind of woman and a new social order. Patricia Roc and Eric Portman stand out in an excellent ensemble cast.


A woman is happy to be called up for service during the Second World War, but disappointed to learn she will be working in a factory making aircraft parts. However, the new job brings romance in the shape of a handsome airman and a close circle of friends in her co-workers, who all rally round when tragedy strikes. Drama, starring Patricia Roc, Eric Portman, Gordon Jackson and Basil Radford.

Cast & Crew

Celia Crowson Patricia Roc
Charlie Forbes Eric Portman
Fred Blake Gordon Jackson
Charters Basil Radford
Caldicott Naunton Wayne
Jennifer Knowles Anne Crawford
Phyllis Crowson Joy Shelton
Gwen Price Megs Jenkins
Director Frank Launder
Director Sidney Gilliat
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: General Film Dist LtdAvailable on: DVD