My Neighbor's Keeper

My Neighbor's Keeper

Walter Klenhard (2007)

PG Certificate


Our Score
Nothing rings true in this flat and badly written TV movie that sees childless Laura Harring (Mulholland Drive) among the suspects when her best friend and mother of two is murdered. But following a sluggish set-up designed to establish her apparent motive to kill, the "did she or didn't she?" angle soon peters out in favour of a predictable plotline involving the dead pal's husband (a one-note Linden Ashby). Naturally, Harring starts investigating the case herself to clear her name, while incurring emotional grief at home for becoming surrogate mum to Ashby's youngsters. These two ultimately incompatible story threads - part suspense-free thriller, part distracting relationship drama - make the film feel unfocused and unsatisfying, with neither element done justice by the unconvincing script and stilted performances.


Kate works in a home for disadvantaged children and longs for kids of her own, but is unable to conceive. When her best friend is murdered, Kate adopts her two youngsters, but it is not long before those around her question whether she had a hand in their mother's death to gain the family she always wanted. Drama, starring Laura Harring and Linden Ashby.

Cast & Crew

Kate Powell Laura Harring
Mike Harding Linden Ashby
Tim Powell Ken Tremblett
Ellie Haley Guiel
Det Billings Nathaniel DeVeaux
Ann Harding Brenda Campbell
Richard David Abbott
McGuire Linden Banks
Director Walter Klenhard
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for violence and language.