Private's Progress

Private's Progress

John Boulting (1956)

U Certificate


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This pleasing mix of satire and nostalgia was unusual at the time for suggesting that not every tommy who went to fight in the Second World War was a hero. Ian Carmichael is superbly cast as the hapless Stanley Windrush, whose natural ineptitude is seen as a God-given gift by the roguish Richard Attenborough and Dennis Price. Although the Boulting brothers rather lose track of the plot once Carmichael goes after Nazi art treasures, this is still richly entertaining, not least because of the smashing performance of Terry-Thomas. Carmichael and Terry-Thomas reprised their roles in the classic Boulting brothers comedy I'm All Right Jack three years later.


An inept student has to cut short his university education to serve in the army, and quickly proves he is not cut out for the forces. A crooked private takes him in hand and introduces him to various criminal schemes, which leads him to discover his uncle, a decorated brigadier, is also up to no good. Comedy, starring Ian Carmichael, Richard Attenborough and Terry-Thomas.

Cast & Crew

Stanley Windrush Ian Carmichael
Pte Cox Richard Attenborough
Maj Hitchcock Terry-Thomas
Brig Bertram Tracepurcel Dennis Price
Egan Peter Jones
Sgt Sutton William Hartnell
Capt Bootle Thorley Walters
Prudence Greenslade Jill Adams
Director John Boulting
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: British Lion Film Corp LtdAvailable on: video and DVD