Raoul Walsh (1947)

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Not as well known as High Noon, The Searchers or Red River, this was one of the first "psychological westerns" and has the same sort of story, theme and flashback structure usually found in the urban film noir. Robert Mitchum plays a tortured soul who was adopted as a child, murders his stepbrother and then marries his stepsister. Set against the stark buttes of the American southwest, it has the feel of a classical tragedy, with Mitchum superb as the brooding hero who journeys back into his past. Critics have laid all the praise at the door of the director, Raoul Walsh, but it's largely the creation of screenwriter Niven Busch. He was married to Mitchum's co-star, the delightful Teresa Wright, and also wrote the novel Duel in the Sun, another Freud-on-horseback saga.


A brooding cowboy yearns to find peace, but his life seems to follow a tragic path because of the actions and hatred of a mysterious one-armed stranger and a forgotten incident from his childhood. Western, starring Robert Mitchum, Teresa Wright, Dean Jagger, Judith Anderson, Alan Hale and John Rodney.

Cast & Crew

Jeb Rand Robert Mitchum
Thorley Callum Teresa Wright
Medora Callum Judith Anderson
Grant Callum Dean Jagger
Jake Dingle Alan Hale
Adam Callum John Rodney
Prentice McComber Harry Carey Jnr
Sergeant Clifton Young
Director Raoul Walsh
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Fox Film Company LtdAvailable on: video