Mind Games

Mind Games

Terry Ingram (2006)

12 Certificate


Our Score
Anyone who's watched a few TV-movie mysteries will swiftly deduce what's really happening in this join-the-dots clunker. Coincidence-heavy and full of silly people behaving preposterously, it's yet another take on the well-trodden Gaslight theme, as mentally fragile heiress Alexandra Holden seemingly starts to lose her mind once again, after a female private eye warns her that new husband Paul Johansson isn't the man he appears to be. Soon, Holden's been committed, forcing the implausible - but thankfully briskly paced - storyline to become even more far-fetched to physically enable her to discover the truth that's already obvious to the audience. Events are then resolved way too conveniently, though there's pleasure in seeing the villain's smug expression finally wiped off his face.


A woman discovers a private eye is spying on her husband. When she confronts the detective, he claims her spouse is holding secrets back and that her life is in danger if she remains with him. She faces a dilemma over who to believe and how to uncover the truth without revealing her suspicions. Thriller, starring Alexandra Holden, Paul Johansson and Stacy Grant.

Cast & Crew

Jamie Alexandra Holden
Michael Paul Johansson
Helen Stacy Grant
Dr Hauser Wanda Cannon
Josh Ben Cole
Serena Mylene Robic
Paul MacNeil Bruce Dawson
Elinda Karen Austin
Director Terry Ingram
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for violence, swearing and sexual situations.