Two by Two

Two by Two

Toby Genkel (2015)

U Certificate


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This animated, all-animal take on the Noah's Ark tale isn't the most original film you'll ever see, being reminiscent of Ice Age, Rio and Madagascar. It's loosely based on the Bible story, though Noah is mentioned only once, and no humans feature. When the ark embarks with all those animal twosomes on board, some creatures are accidentally left behind. One is Finny, a colourful "nestrian", the other a catty "grymp" named Leah. While their single parents bid to get the ark turned back to pick them up, Finny and Leah have to team up to fight both rising flood waters and flying predators. Although derivative, Two by Two is bright, breezy, fast-paced fun that will captivate younger kids.


Two strange creatures and their children are barred from getting on board Noah's Ark, but manage to sneak in. When the kids fall overboard, they face a struggle for survival as the flood waters rise, while their distraught parents must work together to rescue them. Animated adventure, with the voices of Tara Flynn and Dermot Magennis.

Cast & Crew

Hazel Tara Flynn
Dave/Mr Griffin/Prairie Dog Dermot Magennis
Finny Callum Maloney
Leah Ava Connolly
Obesey/Stayput/Chimpanzee Paul Tylak
Lion Alan Stanford
Mrs Griffin/Flamingo/Mrs Guard/Margaret Aileen Mythen
Tanglefoot/Mr Guard/Siberian Tiger Patrick FitzSymons
Director Toby Genkel
Director Sean McCormack
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Entertainment OneAvailable on: DVDReleased on: 1 May 2015
Comedy Drama Children's