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Catch and Release

Susannah Grant (2007)

12 Certificate


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After a pre-wedding accident leaves her single, Gray Wheeler (Jennifer Garner) is trying to rebuild her life when she makes an unwelcome discovery about the man she almost married. A secret bank account reveals a hidden fortune from which monthly payments are made to a massage therapist (Juliette Lewis) and her young son. Erin Brockovich writer Susannah Grant - making her big-screen directorial debut - here tries hard to blend grief and light-hearted moments into a weepie comedy drama. However, it rarely works as the contrived storyline stretches both credibility and goodwill. Garner plays the shell-shocked fiancée with quiet gravitas, but co-star Timothy Olyphant (from hit TV show Justified) is far too slimy as the duplicitous best friend that she eventually falls for. The fishing terminology from which the title is taken could equally stand as a metaphor for just how pointless this is.


Gray Wheeler moves in with some of her dead fiance's friends as she tries to deal with the tragedy, and begins to form a strong bond with his best buddy. However, just when she seems to be making progress in rebuilding her life, Gray makes a startling discovery involving a secret bank account and a mysterious massage therapist. Romantic comedy drama, starring Jennifer Garner, Timothy Olyphant and Juliette Lewis.

Cast & Crew

Gray Wheeler Jennifer Garner
Fritz Timothy Olyphant
Maureen Monette Juliette Lewis
Dennis Sam Jaeger
Sam Kevin Smith
Mattie Joshua Friesen
Mrs Douglas Fiona Shaw
Eve Tina Lifford
Director Susannah Grant
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Sony PicturesAvailable on: DVD and Blu-ray
Drama Comedy