Three Coins in the Fountain

Three Coins in the Fountain

Jean Negulesco (1954)

U Certificate


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One of Twentieth Century-Fox's stand-by plots was the one involving three assorted girls in any location, and here it's Dorothy McGuire, Jean Peters and Maggie McNamara in Rome, throwing money for wishes into the iconic Trevi Fountain. Their wishes are granted, of course, by Clifton Webb, Louis Jourdan and Rossano Brazzi - after all, what more could any girl of the 1950s want? Milton Krasner's cinematography won an Oscar, as did the (uncredited) Frank Sinatra title song, even though lyricist Sammy Cahn resorted to the meaningless coda "Make it mine, make it mine, make it mine" when he was unable to rhyme "fountain" with anything sensible. It sold a million! In its day, the movie's dialogue was considered quite risqué, and the clothes and performances were the very epitome of sophisticated chic. And it's all filmed in glorious early CinemaScope.


Three American women working as secretaries at the US embassy in Rome throw coins into the city's Trevi Fountain in the hope of meeting the men of their dreams. Their wishes are answered in the shape of an Italian translator, a successful writer and a debonair prince. Drama, starring Dorothy McGuire, Maggie McNamara, Jean Peters, Clifton Webb, Louis Jourdan and Rossano Brazzi.

Cast & Crew

Miss Frances Dorothy McGuire
John Frederick Shadwell Clifton Webb
Prince Dino di Cessi Louis Jourdan
Anita Hutchins Jean Peters
Georgio Bianchi Rossano Brazzi
La Principessa Cathleen Nesbitt
Maria Williams Maggie McNamara
Mr Burgoyne Howard St John
Director Jean Negulesco
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Language: English, ItalianColourAvailable on: video and DVD