The Quick and the Dead

The Quick and the Dead

Robert Day (1987)

PG Certificate


Our Score
With a spaghetti-style plot and its overtones of Shane and Friendly Persuasion, this is a superior TV-movie western that only lets itself down with its uncertain re-creation of the frontier of the 1870s. The story is involving and well told by director Robert Day, but it is the performances that elevate this above the pack. Tom Conti is admirable as the Indian War veteran whose pacifism is put to the test, and Sam Elliott obviously enjoys picking off baddies and smouldering around Conti's wife, played with some vigour, considering the shallowness of the part, by Kate Capshaw.


A grizzled gunslinging stranger helps a family of homesteaders fight back against a gang of ruthless outlaws determined to seize their land and assets. Western adventure, starring Sam Elliott, Kate Capshaw, Tom Conti and Kenny Morrison.

Cast & Crew

Con Vallian Sam Elliott
Susanna McKaskel Kate Capshaw
Duncan McKaskel Tom Conti
Tom McKaskel Kenny Morrison
Ute Patrick Kilpatrick
Doc Shabitt Matt Clark
Red Hayle Jerry Potter
Ike Mantle Billy Streater
Director Robert Day
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video