Freedom Radio

Freedom Radio

Anthony Asquith (1940)

PG Certificate


Our Score
Raymond Huntley eventually became one of the finest comic stooges the British cinema possessed. However, early in his career he revealed a talent for villainy and he is the sole reason for watching this horribly outdated and often unintentionally funny flag-waver from director Anthony Asquith. Apart from Huntley's truly sinister Nazi, the rest of the cast are simply dreadful as they spout platitudes in clipped stage accents that are totally unsuited to their middle European characters. Clive Brook and Derek Farr are embarrassingly earnest as the heads of a pirate radio station, but even worse is Diana Wynyard's ludicrously naive collaborator.


A Viennese doctor tries to maintain business as usual while living under Nazi rule. However, events take a sickening turn when his wife begins wholeheartedly espousing Hitler's views - prompting him to start broadcasting Allied propaganda from a secret transmitter. Second World War drama, starring Clive Brook, Diana Wynyard, Raymond Huntley and Derek Farr.

Cast & Crew

Dr Karl Roder Clive Brook
Irena Roder Diana Wynyard
Rabenau Raymond Huntley
Hans Glaser Derek Farr
Elly Joyce Howard
Kummer Howard Marion-Crawford
Otto John Penrose
Father Landbach Morland Graham
Spiedler Ronald Squire
Director Anthony Asquith
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Columbia Picture Corp. LtdAvailable on: video and DVD