The Perfect Marriage

The Perfect Marriage

Douglas Jackson (2006)

12 Certificate


Our Score
Weak scripting and direction turn a tale of murder, deceit and betrayal into a flat snooze-fest, as TV-movie veteran Douglas Jackson delivers another of his forgettable, cookie-cutter thrillers. It doesn't help that the acting's awful too, with lead actress Jamie Luner particularly unconvincing, playing a reinvented, married woman who reverts to her former deadly ways after her past catches up with her - in the shape of ex-lover and crime partner James Wilder. There's neither substance nor suspense in the predictable and unnecessarily signposted events that follow, which makes the ominous soundtrack and Luner's laughably exaggerated facial expressions as the film's only entertaining elements. Even the inevitable climactic confrontation proves unsatisfyingly toothless, ending with villainy repaid in the most bland and convenient manner.


A conman persuades his married lover to murder her husband for the inheritance, only for his reckless spending and infidelity to drive her away. When he finally tracks her down again, he learns she has remarried to another wealthy man, and tries to entice her to kill again. Thriller, starring Jamie Luner and William R Moses.

Cast & Crew

Marrianne Danforth/Annie Grayson Jamie Luner
Richard Danforth William R Moses
Brent Richter James Wilder
Tia Montgomery Sophie Gendron
Donald Danforth Lisa Langlois
Howard James Bradford
Jennifer Tames Allison Graham
Martin Grayson James O'Regan
Director Douglas Jackson
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for violence.