Three Sisters

Three Sisters

Laurence Olivier (1970)

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Though this record of Olivier's National Theatre production is of value to biographers and theatre historians, it's a negligible cinematic experience. Apart from two added sequences, there is no attempt to make this a "movie" in the way that earlier Chekhov adaptations were, such as the Soviet film The Lady with the Little Dog or Losey's big-screen adaptation of Ibsen's A Doll's House. Olivier is simply content to have Geoffrey Unsworth's camera rooted to its tripod as it records some admittedly fine performances from the actors portraying the three sisters who grow bored with provincial life and yearn for dashing men and the glamour of Tsarist Moscow.


In a remote Russian estate, three sisters long to escape their unfulfilling routine and start new lives in Moscow. A brief respite comes in the shape of a charismatic army officer, but their brother's marriage to a domineering peasant woman jeopardises all their hopes for the future. Period drama based on Chekhov's play, with Joan Plowright and Derek Jacobi.

Cast & Crew

Masha Joan Plowright
Andrei Derek Jacobi
Olga Jeanne Watts
Irina Louise Purnel
Col Vershinin Alan Bates
Dr Ivan Chebutikin Laurence Olivier
Baron Tusenbach Ronald Pickup
Natasha Sheila Reid
Director Laurence Olivier
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