Blanche Fury

Blanche Fury

Marc Allegret (1948)

PG Certificate


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This dark, brooding tale about inheritance and forbidden passion is set in a rambling English country home and stars an impressive Stewart Granger as a maverick estate manager. Granger is pitted against the best that British melodrama had to offer at the time, including Valerie Hobson in the title role, Maurice Denham and Michael Gough. The late 1940s saw many examples of this type of movie, set against a backdrop of tall iron gates, with stooped retainers and timely thunderstorms. It also has the benefit of an excellent screenplay and some taut direction from Marc Allégret. Yet it's the distinctive atmosphere that lingers in the memory.


A penniless governess is invited to stay with a wealthy relative, where she hopes to secure her future and take over the estate by marrying her infatuated cousin. However, her secret romance with a stablehand has tragic consequences for all concerned. Drama, starring Valerie Hobson, Michael Gough, Stewart Granger and Walter Fitzgerald.

Cast & Crew

Blanche Fury Valerie Hobson
Philip Thorn Stewart Granger
Laurence Fury Michael Gough
Simon Fury Walter Fitzgerald
Lavinia Fury Susanne Gibbs
Maj Fraser Maurice Denham
Calamy Ernest Jay
Lousia Sybille Binder
Banks Townsend Whitling
Mr Weatherby Allan Jeayes
Director Marc Allegret
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: General Film Dist LtdAvailable on: video and DVD