Permanent Midnight

Permanent Midnight

David Veloz (1998)

18 Certificate
Fri 29 Jun 2:05am - 3:45am AMC from BT


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Ben Stiller, who has never been afraid to show a darker side (see Your Friends and Neighbours), makes the most of a meaty role in this gripping drugs drama, set in the Hollywood fast lane. It's based on the autobiography of Jerry Stahl, a writer working in television whose career self-destructed when his heroin addiction overtook his life. Stiller plays him warts and all, and at times it's actually hard to work up any sympathy for his descent into drugs hell. There are good supporting turns from Maria Bello and Janeane Garofalo, while even Elizabeth Hurley acquits herself quite well as the naive producer who ends up in a marriage of convenience with Stiller.


A successful comedy scriptwriter's escalating drug habit begin to take its toll on his personal and professional life, setting him on a one-way trip to oblivion. Bleak drama, starring Ben Stiller and Elizabeth Hurley.

Cast & Crew

Actor Ben Stiller
Actor Elizabeth Hurley
Director David Veloz

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