Avenging Force

Avenging Force

Sam Firstenberg (1986)

18 Certificate


Our Score
It's too bad that Steve James exits this movie halfway through. He is not only a much better actor than top-billed Michael Dudikoff, but he shows he had the stuff to be a big action star. Still, even when he's gone, this slick Golan-Globus production delivers the goods for action fans. Dudikoff plays a retired secret agent who lends his aspiring politician buddy (James) a hand when a neo-Nazi group makes him a target. The danger proves too much, and in the second half Dudikoff goes through another retelling of The Hounds of Zaroff in the Louisiana bayou. The fight scenes are exciting and brutal, but the disturbing and tasteless violence leaves a bad impression.


A soldier skilled in martial arts quits the service to take care of his family, but returns to action when he helps to defend a black politician from a white supremacist group trying to kill him. Action thriller, starring Michael Dudikoff and Steve James.

Cast & Crew

Actor Michael Dudikoff
Actor Steve James
Actor James Booth
Actor Bill Wallace
Actor John P Ryan
Actor Marc Alaimo
Director Sam Firstenberg
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Columbia-Cannon-WarnerAvailable on: video and DVD