Franck Khalfoun (2006)

18 Certificate


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P2 is a location-bound experiment in terror: what if a beautiful young businesswoman (Rachel Nichols) was taken hostage by a basement car park security guard (Wes Bentley) on a long, lonely Christmas Eve nightshift? And what if he believed that all she really needed was a romantic meal with him (and his vicious Rottweiler)? Frank Khalfoun makes his feature debut as writer/director here, with a screenplay co-written by the duo responsible for the chillingly enthralling Switchblade Romance. They have created a rather hysterical, often comic-bookish horror film, which could have been a lot smarter. Still, there are a few shocks as the heroine's options run out and her irrational assailant begins to see his fantasy evening take a turn for the worse. Nichols's performance is above average as the woman in peril who manages to summon up her inner tough girl, but Bentley plays it strictly for laughs.


An executive working late at the office on Christmas eve turns to a seemingly friendly security guard for help getting her car started - not realising he is dangerously infatuated with her. Before long, she's being held prisoner in the building's underground car park and faces a desperate battle to escape from her unhinged captor. Thriller, starring Rachel Nichols and Wes Bentley.

Cast & Crew

Angela Rachel Nichols
Thomas Wes Bentley
Mr Harper Simon Reynolds
Karl Philip Akin
Jody Miranda Edwards
Homeless woman Bathsheba Garnett
Newsman Franck Khalfoun
Director Franck Khalfoun
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: TartanAvailable on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 2 May 2008