Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise

Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise

Robert Harmon (2015)

12 Certificate


The small-town police chief heads to Boston to serve as a consultant on an unsolved murder case. The killing seems to be the work of a famous murderer - who happens to be behind bars. Stone thinks the culprit lies closer to home, but his investigation unearths some shocking revelations. Crime thriller sequel, starring Tom Selleck and Kohl Sudduth.

Cast & Crew

Jesse Stone Tom Selleck
Luther `Suitcase' Simpson Kohl Sudduth
Thelma Gleffey Gloria Reuben
Lt Sydney Greenstreet Leslie Hope
Gino Fish William Sadler
Amelia `Charlotte' Hope Amelia Rose Blaire
Det Dan Leary Alex Carter
Jenny O'Neill Mackenzie Foy
Director Robert Harmon
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