The Daughter

The Daughter

Simon Stone (2016)

15 Certificate


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This moody drama follows two families who are torn apart by a dark secret. The setting is a small logging town in New South Wales, where a wealthy mill owner named Henry (Geoffrey Rush) is about to marry a younger woman (Anna Torv). Henry's estranged son Christian (Paul Schneider) has come home for the wedding, and in the days leading up to the ceremony, he reconnects with his childhood friend Oliver (Ewen Leslie). From here, the story unfolds gradually, building to a devastating revelation that involves Oliver's beloved wife (Miranda Otto) and his teenage daughter (Odessa Young). On paper, this might sound like a recipe for soapy melodrama, but The Daughter is a naturalistic film, and it contains some impressive performances. The ending may be too abrupt for some viewers, but the story is moderately involving throughout, detailing how some secrets can have tragic consequences when they are revealed.


A man returning home for his father's wedding uncovers a secret that threatens to destroy the lives of those he left behind. Drama, with Paul Schneider and Geoffrey Rush.

Cast & Crew

Henry Geoffrey Rush
Oliver Ewen Leslie
Christian Paul Schneider (2)
Charlotte Miranda Otto
Anna Anna Torv
Hedvig Odessa Young
Walter Sam Neill
Peterson Nicholas Hope
Greg Gareth Davies
Director Simon Stone
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: MetrodomeGuidance: Swearing, sex scenes.Released on: 27 May 2016