Daniel Petrie Jr (2015)

PG Certificate


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A blizzard throws four mismatched souls together with predictable results in this contrived but big-hearted yuletide tale from Beverly Hills Cop writer-turned-director Daniel Petrie Jr. Sweet though never schmaltzy, it's elevated by quality performances and lots of cast chemistry, as heavily pregnant Ayla Kell and kindly stranger Brendan Michael Coughlin end up stranded at a defunct lodge in the company of reclusive owner Grace Zabriskie and her only employee, Brad Dourif. Stereotyped eccentric Zabriskie is a "bitter old battle-axe" and long-suffering Dourif a "drunken old windbag", setting the scene for some spirited and occasionally moving interactions that allow the engaging quartet to face their individual issues and inevitably bond. Everything's all very obvious yet nicely handled, with agreeable resolutions and a cutely far-fetched twist contributing towards the drama's festively, feel-good finale.


A raging blizzard strands troubled mother-to-be Lisa and professional snowboarder Brad at the once-thriving Rosemont Resort, just days before Christmas. The pair are forced to take refuge with Josephine, the resort's reclusive, embittered owner and Abe the caretaker, and the group's struggle to survive is made even more difficult when the pregnant Lisa goes into labour. Drama, starring Ayla Kell, Brad Dourif, Grace Zabriskie and Brendan Michael Coughlin.

Cast & Crew

Abe Brad Dourif
Lisa Ayla Kell
Josephine Grace Zabriskie
Brad Brendan Michael Coughlin
Director Daniel Petrie Jr

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Language: EnglishColour