Paul Bettany (2014)

18 Certificate


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This bleak, well-intentioned drama follows two homeless people as they cope with life on the streets of New York. The story begins with Tahir (Anthony Mackie), a compassionate immigrant who earns money as a street drummer. One day, Tahir encounters Hannah (Jennifer Connelly), an emaciated heroin addict who begs for spare change with a sign that says "I used to be someone". The two of them soon become friends, and Hannah eventually cleans up her act, but by this time Tahir has become ill. From here, the characters endure a fair amount of misery and humiliation, as writer/director Paul Bettany (yes, that Paul Bettany) ensures that their path is paved with unpleasant obstacles. Some of these obstacles feel manufactured, but the film is surprisingly romantic in places, while Bettany draws solid performances from Connelly (his wife) and Mackie. Shelter is fairly grim, but it does enough to keep you engaged.


Two homeless people in Manhattan fall in love, but find maintaining a relationship difficult in the face of their day-to-day struggle to find food and shelter, and their natural instinct to be wary of strangers. Nevertheless, each provides the other with much-needed support, as one tries to control her drug habit and the other seeks redemption for his past misdeeds. Drama, starring Jennifer Connelly and Anthony Mackie.

Cast & Crew

Hannah Jennifer Connelly
Tahir Anthony Mackie
Terry Scott Johnsen
Abdul Alok Tewari
Franklin Rob Morgan
Peter Bruce Altman
Brendan Kevin Hoffman
Jerry Steve Cirbus
Director Paul Bettany
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Arrow FilmsGuidance: Swearing, sex scenes, drug abuse, sexual references.Available on: DVDReleased on: 11 Dec 2015