Richard's Things

Richard's Things

Anthony Harvey (1980)

12 Certificate


Our Score
With Liv Ullmann as star, director Anthony Harvey clearly felt compelled to direct her in a Bergmanian manner in this misfiring adaptation of Frederic Raphael's novel. Nobody is helped by the turgid screenplay, which falls well below Raphael's usual standard, but Harvey keeps attempting to frame Ullmann and Amanda Redman as though they were co-habiting on a remote Swedish island. Following the death of husband Mark Eden, Ullmann is quick to realise that he's been having an affair with his co-worker. But the lesbian passion that develops as the women come to rely on each other to keep Eden's memory alive feels singularly strained, despite its tasteful depiction. A supporting cast including Tim Pigott-Smith, Elizabeth Spriggs and Gwen Taylor does its best to breathe some life into the stodgy scenario, while Freddie Young's glossy camerawork is more accomplished than Georges Delerue's oddly ill-fitting score. But this sentimental Sapphic soap wastes the talent and conviction of its admirable leads.


A widow forms a close relationship with her unfaithful husband's lover. Drama based on Frederic Raphael's novel, starring Liv Ullmann and Amanda Redman.

Cast & Crew

Kate Morris Liv Ullmann
Josie Amanda Redman
Peter Tim Pigott-Smith
Director Anthony Harvey

Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Swearing, nudityAvailable on: DVD