Send for Paul Temple

Send for Paul Temple

John Argyle (1946)

PG Certificate


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Radio aficionados will forever think of Peter Coke at the mention of amateur sleuth Paul Temple, while those whose TV memory stretches back to the late 1960s will fondly recall Francis Matthews. However, Francis Durbridge's novelist-cum-troubleshooter had a less lauded movie career, even though the quartet of cases produced at Nettlefold Studios in Walton-on-Thames were no worse than many Hollywood B thrillers of the same period. Anthony Hulme assumes the title role in the first outing, as Temple helps reporter Steve Trent (Joy Shelton) expose the diamond thieves who murdered her cop brother in a Worcestershire tavern. John Argyle directs with a rough proficiency that's matched by some robust performances and the ever-dependable Geoffrey Faithfull's grainy photography. But what's most satisfying is the concealment of the culprit through the numerous twists and red herrings.


A novelist tries to prove that a policeman's suicide was actually murder at the hands of the gang of thieves he was pursuing. Mystery, starring Anthony Hulme and Joy Shelton.

Cast & Crew

Paul Temple Anthony Hulme
Steve Trent Joy Shelton
Diana Thornley Tamara Desni
Director John Argyle

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